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Asian/Pacific American Facts & Statistics
June 1, 2004

Here are some facts you should know about our Asian/Pacific American population:

• 2000 Census: There are 13.5 million Asian and Pacific Islanders in the U.S., representing 4.4% of the population.

• 96% of Asians in the U.S. live in metropolitan areas.

• 72% increase over 1990 Census. Their current growth rate tracked over the last 15 months is more than triple the growth rate of the general population.

• 49% of Asians live in the western part of the U.S. New York has the largest Asian population with 873,000, followed by Los Angeles with 407,500. Seven cities in L.A. County have 50% or more Asian populations.

o Honolulu- 67.7%
o Monterey Park- 64%
o Cerritos- 61%
o Walnut- 58%
o Daly City- 53.6%
o Rowland Heights- 52%
o San Gabriel- 50%
o San Marino- 50%
o Rosemead- 50%

• 3.6 million are under 18, and 47% of Asians and Pacific Islanders age 25 and over have bachelor’s degrees or higher, the highest proportion of college graduates of any race or ethnic group. The corresponding rate for the overall population is 27%.

• Median Age is 32

• Annual median income of Asian and Pacific Islander households is $57,313, the highest of any racial group. 55% own their own homes.

• 73% of Asian/Pacific households have computers. In addition, 68% have Internet access.

• Asian- and Pacific Islander-owned businesses in the United States totaled about 913,000, employed more than 2.2 million people and generated $306.9 billion in revenues in 1997, according to a report released today by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.
• Receipts of Asian- and Pacific Islander-owned firms rose 68 percent, to $161 billion in 1997, compared with a 40 percent increase for all U.S. firms over the same period.